Firstly, we can talk about what is it curiosity? What do you think about curiosity? Do you think there is any difference between “wonder” and “curiosity” ?
Curiosity is just knowing-desire. To wonder to a result of your exam or “Where is my mom?” or “What movie is there on tv?” are not curiosity. Because these sentences don’t have philosophically doubt, knowing-desire and joy of understanding. It has only a little worry. There’s no other meaning. Most of people are wondering about anything everyday. What is it may these? “What is my husband/wife talk with ones?“, “What will happen to the ending of the movie?“, “How much is it?” and “Are they divorced?” etc.

None of these has a real curiosity.

These sentences don’t have philosophically doubt, knowing-desire and joy of understanding. So, curiosity is just knowing-desire. We do not usually notice these great differences. Because we don’t have time to think. Do we really have no time? Actually, we spend time on unnecessary every day. No place about think. We can think anywhere. While we go to school or work or in other places… However, do we really want to think? All we need self-awareness. Curiosity can be improved. For this, we must know to ask questions. If you don’t think, you never ask. If you never ask, you never curiosity. If you don’t curiosity, you never know. Curiosity is the beginning of learning.

Why… How…
Thinking is a biggest action because anybody cannot think. While you are thinking, actually you’re working hard. But they can’t understand it. Do you need them to understand you? Think about it! If you think, who can stop you? Just believe in yourself! Don’t forget this word: Dream! Believe! Achieve! Don’t look at anyone. Look at your dreams and fight for it. Remember, please! Great guys don’t care about others. you can be great on one condition. If you have so curiosity, you can go to your targets, From now on, success is yours.
Just curiosity is nothing. You can go to your targets with curiosity but curiosity doesn’t take you to your targets.

We suppose, if someone has so curiosity, she/he will be very successful. It’s not true. Because curiosity is not enough for success. For example, someone has interesting thoughts however it is only thinking. Is it enough? Of course not! Action is necessary. Why? Because curiosity is just not thoughts. If someone follows his/her curiosity, he/she does everything to achieve. And now, it may say, she/he has really curiosity.
If it can be carried out, curiosity changes the world.

Thank you for your interest. It increases as you share information. See you in next the article.