Obsessive Thoughts: Always!
Many people believe in obsessive thoughts. OCD thoughts are unreal. Anything can happen in the world. We can’t under-control everything. A human can’t focus on everything. We live with many dangers. Which one can we focus on? In the World, there are a lot of dangers. We can only protect from great dangers. If we think about small things, we may be exposed to great dangers. Because in that case, we can’t focus on important events. Let it be! Our fears are our habits. Which one of our fears did actualize until today? Probably nothing!
Actually, There are a lot of differences between OCD and “thinking a lot”.

What are the differences?

  • OCD happens by itself in our brains. It’s a cognitive illness. It’s like Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder-ASD).
  • “Thinking a lot” is not an illness. Because we deliberately thinking a lot. When we want to think, we think. However, Obsessive thoughts are not realizing with our desire.
  • “Thinking a lot” can’t always actualize. But, OCD actualizes every time.
  • OCD is not “opinion/thought/idea” because OCD “never” stop. Also, nobody can always think. It’s impossible
  • When we think a lot, these thoughts are a reflection of our personalities. However, OCD is an unwanted wretched/awful feeling but, we suppose that obsessive thoughts are our thoughts.
  • Never forget that is: OCD are not you. OCD is neural wrong coding. Trust me because I have it, too.
  • Brain gets bored, also it wants to new things. How much time can someone think about the same thing? Therewithal (also), this someone doesn’t want to think about it. Here you understand that it’s exactly OCD and you say It’s not me! It’s an OCD illness!
  • Sometimes, when we don’t have Obsessive thoughts, we can better understand real thoughts about ourselves. However, when OCD arrives, we usually be unrealistic. The OCD thoughts have an unreality.

We are captives of our fears forgotten of cause. When we stop and think, now for we can understand/figure out to unnecessary thoughts/faiths/opinions. Our escaped of things should not ourselves. Because OCD is not us.
Don’t forget! You are precious! Because you are an individual.

See you in the next writing.
Stay at home! Stay safe!

Thank you for your interest. It increases as you share information. See you in next the article.