Our language skills separated us from other living things.  We were able to communicate and to transfer our information to other people owing to our talking skills. In this way we were able to create civilizations.

The importance of language is bigger than our suppose. We became a dominant specie with our language skills on the world. If all people have even very smart, we cannot be a dominant specie without communication on the world. We owe everything we have to our language skills. Our language skills make us different from aggressive animals.

Do you know that in history the most of actualizing the big negative events’ resources are wrong communications? Many wars started that’s why talking negative by both of parties. Because they were believing that’s right.

A population’s sophistication indicator is a communication style. Those will one step ahead who can positively communicate just not in positive events also in negative events too. Because real communication brings winnings. Negative talking just creates a problem and it doesn’t solve any problem. Sometimes looks like solving a problem but in the fact, absolutely it creates bigger problems in the background.

At the present time we see that communication skills (C.S.) have become very important. Many global problems are resolved through dialogue. This situation is not enough but it’s better than yesterday. The process is improving day by day. We should always improve our language and communication skills to be a person making a difference in the changing and globalized world. In this way, we can build meaningful relationships and do partner studies with others.

We must realize a fact that the team works gained very importance. In the present the great works to be achieved with individuals’ working together. The individualist workings can’t successful till teamwork (But this is not true for everyone. Someone can be more creative lonely). For example, when we examine artificial intelligence studies we see that a lot of experts work together.

One of them does not represent the whole. All make up the whole. However, they don’t represent the whole because the part of the whole is a piece of the whole but it’s not a symbol. Communication skills are so important in interdisciplinary studies like this. These experts with different beliefs, thoughts, and cultures must have good communication skills.

Health and good communication are the first priority for a team. Of course, it may some problems between people but our communications should healthy and true to overcome the problems. If we have these skills, we can solve problems without growing. Even, the problems end spontaneously or never happen.

Therefore, all these learning outcomes must be obtained during school. All kids should have in a superior communication in school. C.S. should be a secondary gain beyond teaching as a lecture. While kids socialite they should learn to communication too. Learning to communicate is too important to be left to its natural flow. C. S. should be taught practically at school.

Students should be taught being attentive and awareness-raising. The modest students should be protected, and teachers should show their behaviors as an example. By the way, there will negative students too. These students too must learn C.S. Therefore, teachers should avoid some behavior that might create conflict among students.

It is not right to distinguish between students who are successful or not. Each student may have successful. Each student should be evaluated with own talents. Exams should not be a race field. Exam results should not be announced in the classroom. Such events may create some negative emotions among students (especially for primary school period).

Students should learn how to do teamwork during the school period in order can do teamwork in adulthood. In during primary school, the good group workings enable them to be successful in business teamwork.

Some learning outcomes have a critical period. Learning them later may be more difficult. The process of personality formation is very important because it affects most of life. In addition, almost everyone continues to be affected even in adults. Personalities created in childhood cannot be changed easily. For this reason, education should be highly qualified and with superior intellectual awareness in the most valuable periods of students.

In this way, we can create a more civilized future.

Thank you for your interest. It increases as you share information. See you in next the article.