When we ask people: What is the hardest thing in your life? Just about all people say similar things: work, school, tiredness, etc. Even some people may say their daily routines. Well! Are these really the hardest things in life?

Life is to do hard things. Work, school, daily routine things are not really hard. In fact, the hardest thing is self-actualization. Why? Because there is “unreachable-you” in you. In life, we can accomplish everything except obtaining the “current version +1” of ourselves, because there will always be “+1 version” of ourselves. This is the beauty of self-realization. We must constantly improve ourselves.

You don’t know what you don’t know! (Socrates)

How successful we can be? Who knows?

You can’t know before you do!

We can only know what we do. The potential of each of us is bigger than we suppose. But we don’t believe in ourselves and moreover we don’t want to be successful. Yes! You didn’t hear wrong. We don’t want it. Most of us have fears of being successful. Because being successful requires taking responsibility. So, only those who can take responsibility can succeed. Wanting is half of creating. Create a passion and follow it until realizing it.

In fact, what we escaped is us. Why we do this to ourselves? Why do we unable to look at our eyes in mirror? Because there are missing things in heart of us. Did you remember what you said in the last year: I’ll do it in the future year. Look at calendar! The future year has passed. You are waiting to tomorrow but today is tomorrow of yesterday. Is it not? You promised yourself, your parents, your teachers, your friends…

Never mind them.

Think it for just yourself. You promised yourself. You said I’ll go to my achieve this year. What happened? Nothing has changed. Even you! Listen to me, friend: If you don’t change, nothing changes in your life.

Nobody will change your life. Already nobody can change that. Just you! You must take some responsibilities related with your life. Even your mother or father won’t that. They are in worries of their own lives. Nobody can think about you. No longer you are not a baby or kid. I don’t know what you think about life but I can just say: The life is so hard. It will be harder if you don’t exactly understand what it is.

Yes. Don’t afraid of making some wrong. Making wrong is not bad with one condition. You have to learn from that. You have to! Never forget this word. If you don’t learn you will be a loser. Nobody is friend to you. Even you! Yes! Even you too! Why I said “even you”? Because until today you did the biggest badness to yourself. Not friend or another person. What is that? Here the biggest badness is “not self-actualize”.

Do you see yourself as a brand? Is your life a project? If you want to be different you must do different things. Never forget! Nobody will gives you success. Even they wanna stop you. But you should say yourself: I can’t stop!

There are many people with successful or unsuccessful. If you see people around you as an opponent you’ll do wrong. Because when you see them who are more successful than you, you may get angry with yourself. Why am I not best? On the other hand, if you are more successful than others you may start to undisciplined studying. So, both situations are so bad.

Whereas if you see the version of own yesterday as an opponent you’ll be better as a truly. Thus you don’t feel unworthy or laziness.

We have to feel normal. Being different is tiring. But this is not mean that’s we have to adapt to everything. We should protect our originalities. Of course, we can be different however this always not so nice. We should show being different firstly to ourselves.

How can we do it? Just by doing! If you don’t believe yourself nobody will believe you. Why are we giving up ourselves? We are looking for the serenity but the serenity is already in our minds. Sometimes we need to be alone to discover the truth I (me). Until today we searched ourselves in crowds. We couldn’t find it and we won’t find it. We always look ourselves in the materials, in the events, in the others’ thoughts. Here our wrong is this. Whereas we don’t have anything except ourselves.

If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. However, if you do what is hard, your life will be easy. (Les Brown)

We must accept some facts. Thus we’ll have a more stable life and also, we’ll walk with the facts. Also, know that: each athlete started with a small step. You never learn to walk if you give up when you fall. Do you remember how did you learn to walk? By thousands of falls. You didn’t give up when you are a baby/kid.

But at the present you are giving up easily. Why? There is just one difference between losers and winners. The winners try one time again. The winners lose 99 times it however they try it again and accomplish in 100th trying.

Are we getting tired? Are we giving up?

Actually we don’t really get tired. We just give up in a very short time. That’s all. When you think you’re tired if you can take a step you are not tired. You think you join a racing organization. The person who takes the most steps will receive $ 1 million. In that case how much can you take a step? You can’t even predict. Is it not? Here, that’s your talent. You don’t know how you can do great things. You can recognize yourself: Just by doing!

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. (Zig Ziglar)

The short of the word; tiredness is a cognitive event. It’s not real.

Thank you for your interest. It increases as you share information. See you in next the article.