Green, blue, yellow and, brown are for just you, if you can understand them. The ways are for just walking; not reach to a place if you can understand. The windy is just for you if you can feel that. The sun is for just for you if you can take your inside that. The nature is just for you if you can live in it.

We lived in nature until the last 150-200 years. We had not a lot of things and this way; we’ve taken time for ourselves. In our spare times, we thought. Because we were so rich of spare times. Who can say that now we have more culture than Socrates, Anaximenes, Pythagoras, Epictetus? The old (past) people were living in nature. Actually, we can say that they all have unique personalities. They owed to nature for it. Nature made them as an exceptional person. We need the same thing too. Whereas, by creating more “advanced civilization” we are moving away from our homeland day by day.

Ago, we had information about ourselves. Later, we forgot ourselves for make money and create more “advanced civilization”. We created the modern cities; then, we started to self-doubt. Whereas, we must stay at our own home: Nature! We escaped from ourselves; so the nature is ourselves if we can accept the truth. Now, we started to notice what we lost. Then, we are looking for ourselves. Can we find it? If they don’t know what they are looking for; they never find it before they notice that: What I am looking for?

We need to touch to soil. 21st-century children need to spend time in nature. Many classes can be given in nature. Especially not in forest. It may in a park, at a coast, in a historical museum (for geography or history class), etc. Could be. The effects of nature on children’s development are obviously known. Whereas, some schools don’t have any tree.

We forgot ourselves. Of course, we can’t remember the nature or anything about it. Because we lost ourselves in the modern cities. We wanted to find something, but we lost what we have things. We will lose more by want to have more. The nature gives everyone if you can take it. The nature is so generous if you can work. The life is not short, but it is not long for waste your time.

Think ourselves as a seagull. Dream it now! Not later. Now dream it ourselves as a seagull. It can swim, walk and, fly. Can you dream? You have dream if you remember yourself. Our dreams are our essence/core. When we lost it we lost ourselves. The life requires at stay as a kid. If you can be like a kid you can really live in the world. Be sure it is not good thing that is grow up.

If you passed your childhood don’t be sad because you have a big potential for being a kid, again. (Special note for you: We are all children in nature!) However, we need to something for this. Firstly, give up from others. Yeah! We must give up from others’ thoughts.

Yesterday I went to cemetery. I thought there. Who are these people? I wonder, while they live, how were they? Happy, sad, successful, alone, rich, poor etc. Is it any important? I suppose: NO! Who are there among these dead-people? To live for just ourselves. You have some requires like more walk, more see, more read, more discover, more self-improvement. The real life is these things. Is not it?

You need to improve yourself that for you can do these. The first step of the self-improvement is never minding the others. Even, never mind yourself. Yes! You didn’t hear wrongly. You must never mind yourself. Because the biggest obstacle is you in front of you. Nobody may block you if you don’t want it. We don’t know our all power. When we fall in a really dangerous fact, we struggle with all our strength, whereas, we can use all our strength every minutes.

Tiredness is not our reality. Just we give up from ourselves. Then, we say: I couldn’t it because it was so hard. It is impossible. Whereas, if someone offers $1 M us, we can do accurately it. Right? In the fact what is thing that can stop us? We should think for hours on end. What it? We should know that nothing is going to change if we don’t change. We don’t believe ourselves. We always look at others admirably. What is our missing?

You will find yourself in nature.

The source of our pieces of information is the nature.

Learn from nature

Before it teaches you.

Thank you for your interest. It increases as you share information. See you in next the article.