We came to the world by crying. All we were born alone and we will die as alone. In the crowds, we disappear. We are escaping from negative things. Whereas, just they can teach us what we have to find ourselves. If we can understand that there is a secret where we escaped from the things; in that case, we can achieve better.

Life orients us where we will go to the place. Sometimes, we should allow to life. In life, there are some things that nobody can do it except us. Here, we must look for them. Everybody has different backgrounds. We have experienced many things and learned a lot of information. We don’t use our potential fully. Our intelligence is more talented than we suppose.

We have some tendency to not taking action. We are fond of our comfort. When the pain things come, no longer, we cannot stay in the same situation. Whereas, we should take action when we don’t have pain. We suppose that the negative things are enemies to us. Whereas, they orient us towards our essence. Now! Think about it for just a minute: You know that you had many unnecessary things. How did you get rid of them?

When we fall into desperation; we realize somethings. Sad but true: We can learn just from the negative things. If we can understand that these things are so important for improving ourselves; in this way, we can continue the life-journey. Many people give up in this condition. Whereas, this is the biggest exam. Life examines us and the strong ones can accomplish that.

Nothing is easy in life. Even if you want to easiest thing, to taking will be so hard. Because life is like this. You cannot question it. We should try to discover/understand life instead of trying to change it. We always remain that the world gives everyone if we work.

If you were where you should be, life would not have to enforce you. Life suggests you watching scenery on top of mountain. And it is so stubborn. It will continue to enforce you until you achieve yourself. Damn the comfort zone! The victories never are accomplished in there.

If you experience wonderful things, you never change yourself. Whereas, we must defeat ourselves. Others are not a competitor. In the race, we are both contestant, competitor, referee, supporter… This is our race. We don’t have a competitor except ourselves.

In addition, nobody is going to congratulate us. Our families, our close friends, our teachers only will say: Congratulations! Just this word! No more! Nobody will see your crises, sadness, difficulties. Say now: No expectation!

The Stranger Thing:

Happiness makes us lazy; the difficulties make us stronger. We need to driving force. We should admit that we are creatures that are fond of self-comfort. The laziness is inside of us. However, the creative power is also within us. We have the power and the right to choose. Man/woman only experiences the results of his/her choice.

If you are unsuccessful by listening to your friends: Never complain to them! Because when you say them: I failed because of you. They will say you: We did nothing because we had no dreams. If you have a dream, why did not you do it? We just said our opinions. The choice was yours. You might not listen to us.” Here, at that time: What will you do it? What will you say to them? Nothing!

Thus, listen to me! Now, you have time to choose. Soon, you will choose something. At that time, remind my word: Now, you have time to choose but tomorrow may so late. Never forget: You will be more regret for your mistakes than things you did not do.

Since we were born, we learned many things. Some of them are true, some of them are wrong. We listened to very much the opinions of others. We never looked at our hearts. What does it tell me? Our focus is on other things.

Our most precious thing is time. Whereas, we spend it easily. Why? If you have $ 86.4k that how much you give to others? I suppose you never give a part of it. Well! Why do you give your seconds in that case? Even just one second is so important. Because your life is your time.

Thank you for your interest. It increases as you share information. See you in next the article.