The insufficiency feeling restricts the children emotionally, mentally, and, physically; also, it is the biggest obstacle in front of the socialization of the children. Individuals with any special needs struggle with prejudiced attitudes, further, they are exposed to feelings of rejection, exclusion, embarrassment, inability to work, weakness, etc. All people have more or less “the inability feeling”. This feeling complicates more their lives than other people (who are without a special need). Therefore, teachers should focus on these matters. Also, the experts should focus on these matters in individual or group psychological consultancy studies.

It is considered that it should be provided psychological support for their parents who individuals with special needs for mental health care/service when it is necessary to provide support to these people. Whereas, providing psychological support to these persons is as quite important as for their parents. Because the skills what their teachers and parents want to teaching them are will become easier thanks to eliminating their subconscious problems (like the feeling of inadequacy, the sense of disabled and, the inferiority complex, etc.) Above all, it will add effectiveness to the process if the education-related with behavioral disorders encountered at a young age is together with the psychological consultancy services.

Among the situations that we often encounter in the psychological counseling process of the individuals with special needs, we can say that they are not able to express themselves, have difficulties in understanding the situations experienced, and transferring the skills studied during the counseling process to their daily lives. Thus, the examination has to be well-structured, and furthermore, use approaches/techniques that focus on individual.

Especially, the creative abilities of counselors, who provide psychological counseling services to the individuals with special needs, to be strong will increase the success of the counselors in terms of techniques, materials, and homework richness.

While providing psychological counseling services to individuals with special needs;

  • The Visual and the text materials (picture cards, toys, videos, etc.) can be used to increase the comprehensibility of the questions.
  • It can be used what will make individuals feel comfortable such as picture cards, playdough, paper and crayon, toys of human, animal, and item figures, puppet, magnetic letters, and more.
  • It will increase their self-confidence what giving homework how will support their productive identifications by bringing out their positive sides, especially when working related to insuffiency, disability, and inferiority feelings of the individuals with special needs.
  • It should be worked simultaneously with the special education specialist/teacher while serving individuals with special needs with behavioral problems.
  • It will contribute to increasing their self-confidence and self-control what giving responsibilities according to the extent of their abilities and analysis these during the consultant process.
  • It can supervised with the score chart the homeworks and the tasks given at regular intervals.

The most effective result can be made possible by the participating of their parents in the consulting process.

The consultancy studies can contribute to the process of spending the time effectively with the parents, doing homework together, improving communication skills, and changing the attitudes of the parents.

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