Many people say that the life is short, and it is not understandable. They think that the life is just for 3 days. They live an average of 70 years but how can they say it is short? Is the 70 years short? Absolutely not!

A human can hardly remember the routine things. So, they can not remember what they did. Food, sleep, stroll on the streets, etc. Our brain does not focus on these things because they are daily things and are not important. If someone does just things like these, of course, they can say that the life is 3 days. Maybe his/her life may have 3 days but, in the fact, the life is not 3 days. We must not accept it. Life is so long if you can use/spend it effectively.

If today was your last day that how much can you be an effective person? How much? Yes! None of us can know it. We never use all our strength. We become more effective when we have difficulty. We have a tendency to create effectiveness when we need to better things. For example, the wheel, more fast transportation vehicle, airplane, computer, smartphone, etc.

We do not recognize ourselves. We always escape from ourselves. Each people can shine if they recognize themselves. We must understand ourselves for what understanding the life. In general, we go to ourselves from others’ opinions whereas, this is not true because, we can not find ourselves on others’ thoughts.

Each people have an individual history however, most of us do not know it. We used to live in the social groups. When we look the history we can say that this is right but it is not enough/true for today because, we are living in the Modern World and then, we do not have to accept the rules of our groups. Each society group has a different culture from each other. Which one is the true? All or none! The point that we should understand that everything does not have to true or false. Sometimes, a thing is a thing and it is not true or false. It is only a thing in the World. If we can accept the fact, we can understand reality.

An effort to make sense of everything made us what we can not understand ourselves. We supposed that we know ourselves and then, we left to the other worlds from ourselves whereas, we never recognize ourselves. We just cheated ourselves. Our fears made us more unqualified person. We looked at other people but, this is our biggest wrong. Even, they never live the 3 days who are said that the life is 3 days. At the present time, using the time requires professionality. All people have 24 hours but just some people use it wisely.

Strictly speaking, this is not easy. Time never stops. All people can not use it intelligently. We should accept this fact. Here thus, almost all people can not achieve their dreams. Here, these people say us: The life is just 3 days. Absolutely not! This is completely wrong. The life is not 3 days if you can live in it. The people with success know that achievement is hard however, it is possible. If it is easy, all people can do it. However, it is hard. So, just a few people can accomplish it.

The success never comes from the easy way. The life examines us for how much we love our goal. We can not focus on a lot of things. The request for doing everything is sickness. The time is limited. It is not enough to do everything. We want to have everything whereas, it is not possible because our energy and time are limited. In our lives, we need to focus on personal things. Each people is a different world. Each person has a different mindset, background, experiences, etc. None of our lives can not the same that is why we are an individual. Here, we should live according to this fact. We can not be like others. We can notice somethings about our lives after we accept it.

Do you remember that you are always at home in the pandemic period? At that time, what did you do at home? You always told: I do not have time. I wish I had more time! Your wish realized. Well, what did you do? I hope that you started to understand that life is not as short as you think. If you make important and big things when you are older you will glad of your life. If your goal is self-actualization your life can not be short. Because time-perception is relative. Life is Short But Not Really

Time is short to do everything.

Time is long to do something.

Thank you for your interest. It increases as you share information. See you in next the essay.