We have a tendency to wrong things. We can explain this truth such: Think yourself on a number line. This number line is from negative numbers to positive numbers. Also, there is “0”. Here, this 0 is start point. When we born we start to life in this point. But we are tied with a rubber-rope to the most negative number. The negative numbers always pull us towards themselves.

Unfortunately, the positive numbers do not have a rubber-rope. Here, in this bad situation, we have to go to our targets. Can you imagine how hard can it be? Just the negative numbers pull us and the positive numbers never pull us. It must be really hard. Here, this is life. This is real life out of our dream. There is no guarantee for not going to the negative side. Well, what can we do to avoid it?

We must know that we absolutely will go to the negative side if we do not go to the positive side. Life never can be stable. If we live we may have experience of anything. We cannot determine what will occur in life. Here, we have just one condition that is to run to the positive side continuously. And, we must accept that this is really hard. If we want to prefer easy things we do not need to do anything because the rubber-rope already will pull us towards itself. But, if we want to be better we have to always struggle.

By the way, you should not forget that there will always important things and a more important thing. Here, we should prefer the more important thing because it is more ahead of the important things. If we do not select the more important thing we may fall back towards the negative side. So, for us, there will always be at least two good options. We should see one of them as a bad thing.

Sometimes we will get tired. If we do not want to go back we must put on some poles when we are tired for hold them. After this, we should put on a new pole because our poles are made from wooden and they can break. Our decisions are an abandoned wooden under the rain. Our every decision will be broken. Our decisions will have worn by life like rain wear out the wooden. Here, if we put on new poles when they are worn we can hold one of them around better handles. We should determine our drop points when we are tired for not falling more back towards the negative side.

In our life, there are 3 options

  1. Go back! (towards the negative side)
  2. Stay at same position! (Do nothing)
  3. Go to forward, more! (better step by step)

There is a point that all people make a mistake there. So, it is the zero point. Here, all people think as there is neither win nor lose. Just about all people can realize their situation if they are on the negative side, however, most of them cannot realize if they do not lose anything because this point (The Zero Point) has not any trouble because people do not do anything whereas, this perspective is really false. They may have right if there is no pulling rubber/rope on their belt towards the negative side but the condition is different from what they suppose.

Footnote: This is real life. Your life will be hard if you do not understand it. You have to understand it. You have to…

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