A Metaphoric Story

We have been on a truck-bed. An iron ring on our waist and we have tied the truck with heavy and long an iron. You connect it to the truck and then, the truck takes you. Everyone is in the same situation. The truck pulls them and the people behind the truck leave. Someone says: “Do not disconnect. You can not carry the heavy load. You need to the truck.”

They say true. The load on our waist is very heavy nevertheless, we do not need to stay at the truck. I have been carrying this load for a long time. I am exhausted however I have been gone the way I want. Others have not been so tired but they have not known where they will have gone. They cannot have seen even ahead. They can only see it when they will have gotten there. That is how they have been in captivity.

If I, I, I… They do not say “I”! They say “we”. They accept themselves “in we” whereas, the things they supposed as “we” are someone of himself/herself. Of course, we should say “I” because when we make a mistake they say to us “you”.

And I am happy that the sweat of my labor is melting the iron-ring. Here right now! It is time to keep working…


Thank you for your interest. It increases as you share information. See you in next the essay.