Most of time we do not realize that we have a lot of strong sides and several opportunities. We have really wonderful organs such as foot, hand, eye, ear, tongue, especially brain and more. We did not pay any money for them. Each people have them. Can you imagine that you have a brain and it has learning talent? Is not it great? Who can stop you? Just you! If we believe that we can accomplish our goals thus, we can achieve them.

All things in nature are free. If you plant it on soil it will have given you what is a fruit tree. If you study you will have learned. If you work you will have won. It is really easy. Here, this is our secret. This is our strong side. Nobody knows how you can be successful. Do not think of just business, school, etc. I have been told about life. I do not know that you are aware of it or not. You have been living! We have been living! It is enough for us. Live is a great thing.

We have created many obstacles in our minds since we have born. We gained several experiences such as sadness, happiness, success, failure, fight, loneliness, laziness… Here, the life is like this exactly. We may have experience of anything in the process. Also, we have a chance and a talent to able to change the past. How can it be?

We can be realized thanks to altering our future. When we change the future our history will have changed suddenly and spontaneously. Because most of our concerns are about the future. We fear for the future. When we remember our past mistakes we start to fear that is why our fears can occur again in the future? Here, the point is this matter. The root of our fears is “I wonder if I make them again in the future“. If we can change the past we can change the future. Because our behaviors come from our subconscious. Our experiences determine our future. So, if we change our past/subconscious we will have started to a new life.

We learned many things yet; all they are not true. We had many wrong experiences, also some of them have been continuing in our behaviors. An experience in our childhood can have been affecting our today’s behaviors. Brain has made a net since birth (furthermore, while we were the womb of our mother). There are millions of connections in it. We have created a mind and then, we have become its slave.

So, we have built to our current mind, on other hand, we have a talent to change it again because, if we created it we can alter it. Just one will determine the future what is a mindset. Most people can not understand the truth but it does not matter for us. We have to look at our own way.

Thank you for your interest. It increases as you share information. See you in next the essay.