I want to mention my experience about applying to the Erasmus projects that I had been so tired of efforting for that. Going to the Erasmus was my dream this is reason I could not be tired while I was applying thousands of the projects.

A few months ago I searched the available projects as I could but, the hundreds of them are not acceptable for me. Then, I fall into depression why I will not be able to go. I did not lose my all hope however I was not be hopefully much. I took note of it on my agenda.

One day I entered the website again however, I had never expected. At that moment I surprised why I found a lot of available projects for me. The following night I could not sleep when I woke up at the midnight. In deed, I was so sleepy however, I could sleep just for 2 hours. (I cannot wake up without an alarm clock till I sleep for 9 hours. Whereas I slept for just 2 hours and I could not sleep more. My expectation was a headache because from I was young to my current age I have often headache if I did not sleep enough. That day was different how it was like I slept for 9 hours. I got out of the bed and I had not been being sleepy until the next night.

Here I understood that psychology is everything! Most people do not care themselves own psychology why they do not see that as an important thing. In today’s world, thousands of people have been living as an unsatisfied person. Psychology is not always only be happy or laugh. All that is our personal truth. It is not a beneficial way to our psychology which is to ignore that.

We have been learning related to everything that we do not care if they are necessary or not to us since we were born. Well, have we ever been to an effort to know/recognize ourselves? Every single day has 1440 minutes. Nobody can say that I do not have any time for that.

Nobody can say that! Nobody!

Even 1 minute can be very effective if we wish to use our minutes for ourselves. Because your psychology is not today’s work. That is the work of thousands of minutes. You built the iceberg with thousands of small snowballs. In this case, you can demolish that step by step. All destinations are arrived by the small steps. Firstly you must think about yourself and then note them down.

I know that you will be afraid to face with your subconscious. It is absolutely normal. All people may have experienced that fact. This is an independence war. It can not be easy to nobody. This matter is related with Bozkurt’s Model of Change. You should learn the stages of change.

You are able to change your pscychology with one condition what to recognize yourself. This is not a small step. This is the biggest step if you can realize that.

So, a human is free who has life if he/she dares for himself / herself own life.

Thank you for your interest. It increases as you share information. See you in next the essay.