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Stephanie: Actually, yes! I’ve already found a new seller. He is as sharp as a tack

Leticia: Can’t we even talk this over? After all, I’ve been working here for 9 years!

Stephanie: There is no point in arguing! Look, Leticia, I’ve  already made up my mind!

Leticia: Oh well… at least I won’t have to put up with your nonsense anymore! Good-bye to you and good-bye to this dead-end job.

Stephanie: Leave!!! Before  I lose my  temper!


at least-  the good thing is that…; Anyway, no less than.

I can’t afford to buy a car, but at least  I have a good bicycle.

They’ve run out of coffee, but at least  they still have juice.

There were at least 100 people waitting to see the actor.


After all- despite everything, the fact is…

She lied to me, but after all she is a good friend.

dead-end job- a job  that won’t lead to anything else.

Christian  worked   many dead-end jobs before finally  deciding to start his own business.

Lose one’s temper-  To become very angry

I’ve always lose my temper, when someone lie to me.

Make up one’s mind- to decide

I couldn’t make up my mind what to eat- eggs or bacon.


On point in- no reason to; it’s not  worth

There is no point  in worrying about things you can’t change.

Put up with- to endure without complaint

I don’t know how my mum puts up with her mean boss every day.

Sharp as a tack- very intelligent

Monica got a scholarship to Oxford. She is  as sharp as a tack

Talk over- to discuss

My fiancé and I spent hours talking over  the details of the wedding plan.



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Leticia: Their salespeople are strange! They really give me the creeps!

Stephanie: They must  be doing something right over.  Anyway… We are  about to go belly-up.

Leticia: I’m really  sorry to hear that! I thought the new books would save the day.

Stephanie: Let’s face it: It doesn’t work! Your idea was a real flop. Never mind… You are fired!

Leticia: Excuse me? You are giving me the ax?



Give one  the creeps – to create a feeling of disgust

There was a man following me. He was giving me the creeps!

Go belly up – to go bankrupt.

My company lost a lot of money last year. I might go belly-up.

Save the day- to prevent a disaster

Our Christmas tree was on fire, but my little sister threw water on it and save the day.

Let’s face it – accept reality

Let’s face it: You are not the right for me!

Real flop – a failure

I was in trouble after what I did to her. It was a real flop!

Give  someone the ax – to fire someone.

Poor Cristal!  She was given the ax three days before Easter.


English – Leticia’s work: LESSON-1 PART-1

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Leticia works as a manager in a book store.

Stephanie, her boss is not happy about sales and she decides to fire Leticia.

Lesson 1 Part 1

Stephanie: Leticia, I hate to break the news, but the sales were down again this month.

Leticia: Really?

Stephanie: Yes. These days everybody’s shopping at our competition.

Leticia: But everything in there costs an arm and a leg!

Stephanie:  Yes! It’s true!  They do charge top dollar.



Break the news – to make something known

You’d better break the news to your mother carefully. After all you don’t want to hurt her.

Cost an arm and a leg – to be very expensive

All the furniture in her house costs an arm and a leg

Top dollar –  a lot of money

Wait until this skirt goes  on sale. Why pay top dollar?