Hello! I’m a manager of ismail.education company. We are an international team. We have been teaching Turkish and English since 2019. We decide to expand our business all over the world (+ Spanish, +Russian, +French) We are looking for someone who able to work with us. Also, we need to a lot of people who they speak English.

What will you do?

  • Vocalize each word. 2 normal speed 2 slow speed 2 normal speed in 10-15 seconds. Each word will be a separate video. And then our web designer team will connect them in a short video.
  • So, you will NOT take long video. Only 10-15 seconds! 10 words x 15 seconds= 150 seconds = 2-3 minutes. You will NOT do another thing. We need your pronunciation in your language.
  • You must send us their meanings in English what you vocalize. For example: “hello” in Chinese(你好), in Arabic( مرحبا). For English words: Perfect, wonderful, great, awesome etc.

You will work maximum 1 hour in a week. Most of the work will do by our website team.

How much money?

We offer you as %. You will earn 40-50% from the videos as much as we take advertisements from Google and Youtube. Our education company was founded in the United States of America. So, Google and Youtube pay us 3x more than the others why Youtube and Google are in the USA.

WARNING! This is a long term work. Can you work with us really?

PLEASE! Don’t deceive us.


NOW: Fill this form. We will contact with you soon. Click HERE!

If you have some questions you can contact with us.

Contact: teacher@ismail.education