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Gerund as Subject

Gerund (Subject)VerbsObjects
Kayakinginvolvessome risks
Not inviting himwill causeresentment

Gerund as Object

SubjectVerbGerund (Object)
Shedoesn’t adviseexcluding him

Gerund as Subject Complement

SubjectVerbGerund (Subject Complement)
Her sportis skiing
His problem isnot exercising

Gerund as Object Complement

SubjectVerbObjectGerund (Object complement)
Shefoundhimnot working

Gerund as Object of a Preposition

She insistongoing outevery weekemd
He is accustomedtogivingparties
They have a reasonfornot invitingMichael


Rearrange the words in order to make a completed sentence.

  1. started / I / english / for / learning / four / years / almost
  2. can’t / nothing / I / doing / stand
  3. soon / look / from / We / forward / to / you / hearing
  4. arguing/ I / tired/ am / of


‘Best’ Friends

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To me, a best friend is a person with whom we don’t have a problem being honest or vulnerable. It’s someone who will never desert you, who keeps no record of wrongs, who doesn’t spare your feelings or avoid telling you what you need to hear. I have two best friends. One is Ken, whom I met in the military. Our having gone through difficult experiences has bonded us for life. The other is Amanda. We love having long conversations that can wander everywhere and nowhere. Sometimes we talk for hours- We both love being listened to. Other times we like being together without saying much of anything. I would have a hard time living without my two best friends, but it’s important to have the others, too.