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Leticia: Their salespeople are strange! They really give me the creeps!

Stephanie: They must  be doing something right over.  Anyway… We are  about to go belly-up.

Leticia: I’m really  sorry to hear that! I thought the new books would save the day.

Stephanie: Let’s face it: It doesn’t work! Your idea was a real flop. Never mind… You are fired!

Leticia: Excuse me? You are giving me the ax?



Give one  the creeps – to create a feeling of disgust

There was a man following me. He was giving me the creeps!

Go belly up – to go bankrupt.

My company lost a lot of money last year. I might go belly-up.

Save the day- to prevent a disaster

Our Christmas tree was on fire, but my little sister threw water on it and save the day.

Let’s face it – accept reality

Let’s face it: You are not the right for me!

Real flop – a failure

I was in trouble after what I did to her. It was a real flop!

Give  someone the ax – to fire someone.

Poor Cristal!  She was given the ax three days before Easter.