English – Phrasal verbs

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go out: to depart from a place, a house, a room, an office, etc. in order to do something for entertainment

Do you want to go out for a dinner after work?

put down: to place something or someone down on the ground; or write down; or it can be used to humiliate or criticize someone; or to kill an animal who is sick or suffering

She put her bag down and went upstairs.

break down: to destroy something; or to stop working; or to fail; or to become very bad; or to lose control

My computer just broke down suddenly!

look up: to search for “information”; or to look up to someone: to admire and respect someone; or getting better (of a situation)

Finally, things are looking up for me.

I really look up to your dad.


put away: to put “things” back in their places

Can you please put the book away after you finish reading it.

clean up: to remove dirt

Clean up your room before you leave.

hurry up: to do something more quickly

Hurry up or you will miss the bus.

come over: to visit someone in the place where they are usually “generally in their house”

Why don’t you come over in the evening?

get along: to manage to live friendly with someone; or to survive; or to deal with a situation, usually successfully

I wonder how Adnan is getting along in his new job.

pass away: to die

His father passed away last week.